Be Natural, It’s Right and…Natural



What is wrong with Black People wearing Natural Hair? Absolutely nothing. I’ve noticed that in some areas of fashion, The Corporate World, and even in media natural hair such as dreads, afros, braids,  and other hairstyles that are void of any type of chemical treatment and straightening to fit a traditional European style are frowned upon.
I had this experience a few years ago in which I  was working for a company and I began to sport a natural, SHORT Curly afro. I didn’t add any outrageous colors.  However I did review the dress code of my former place of employment and there was nothing that I did to violate the dress code.
There were superiors that had long dread locs or locs as well as other afro centric styles.
Much to my chagrin a co-worker who happened to be Caucasian complained that such hairstyles offended her. Nothing became of the complaint, but For some reason this came to mind.
I’ve been reading many articles where people who sport natural hairstyles as a part of their culture, religious beliefs and other reason miss out on opportunities due to wearing natural hairstyles  or are forced to change their hair just to get a job.
There is also criticism in the Black Community for those of us who wear natural hairstyles. As a person who dons a curly non chemically treated afro, I have had people say “cut your hair,” “relax that fro,” and “child afros are not of God.” This especially comes from Christian Church Folks who love to Whitewash the Bible despite it taking Place in the Middle East with people of color, but that’s a debate for another day.
I was once a member of a church that despised people with locs and that if anyone wore an afrocentric style they would make people feel as if natural was a sin and used, erroneously I might add, Biblical texts to demean people with natural hair. Needless to say I left that church and said “Fuck this shit.”
Unfortunately for a majority of The Black Race we have been conditioned to fit into a “White World” which I believe has done more harm than good. Now I’m not being racist with this Blog Post, but It must be said. Why must we straightened our hair in order for it to be neat? Natural hair is neat. Can’t we all just be without the racial overtones?

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