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If you are like me and love making money. In this post, I will share many of the ways that I make money just be simply using the internet. This is one of many posts about Making Money doing what you love to do in YOUR Free time.

One way that I use money would be with the site Here you will be able to review and judge websites based on their apparel, user friendliness, and what the information is like. There will also be assessments that will determine how much more you will make and what kind of other “jobs” you will get.  With Clickworker you also categorize Fashion items and more. The more you work the more jobs you will get determine how much more you will get paid and an increase in more jobs.

The next site that I would advise to use would be SlicethePie. If you love Music and Fashion, this is the site for you. With SlicethePie, you will be required to listen to at least 90 seconds of a song and write a review on that song. The better your review the more you will get paid. They also offer sponsored or promoted content that will get your more pay.

Also another way that I make money is by selling ad space with the Best Networking Site JuicyAds. Juicy ads is an adult affiliating program. You are able to sell and buy ads. You can create your own ads withing the guidelines for Juicyads.  You also get a bonus for referring others!!!


These are some of the methods of making money for your self hosted blog. The key to being able to promote is that you SELF HOST Especially if you are doing an adult blog. I advise you to stay away from free platforms like Blogger, or The Free Version of WordPress or Typepad. Your account will get shut down.  If you would like to self host. I advise using Hostgator. You can find the best package for you.

I hope this helps!!!

The Black Male Nudist

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