Stunt Queens, Lust, & Lies

  Many of us in this LGBT Community are searching for something. Some of it could be love and some of it could be the upper hand and status in the world. However we must be watchful and careful that we don’t settle for anything.
  I’m warning you that with this post, I am going to be an open book.  A few months ago I had entered into a relationship with a guy named Eli.  He was a very muscular and thuggish type dude, with a little lightness in his loafers.  He was 6 foot 1 and he had a this attitude about him that I absolutely love. This Brown Skinned stallion was a powerful, hung top.  The sex was awesome and I enjoyed our time together, but there was one thing lacking.
  Our relationship was lacking love.  For the first month Eli and I were a match made in Heaven. We’d help each other solve problems and we’d always be there for each other. The second month, however the communication broke down and we’d began to literally drift apart from each other.  It had gotten to the point to where it would be days and I wouldn’t hear from him.  Eli told me that he was working and that he was spending time with his son, but I would see him posting on Facebook and Instagram where he was hanging with his friends WITHOUT a child present.  
  Like any fool that’s trying to make things work with all their power, I tried to make excuses for him, until it started literally draining the life out of me.  The major straw that broke the camel’s back happened one day that I had an important event.  The day before I had not heard from him and I had contemplated that I was going to cut him loose. It was obvious that he didn’t value me nor did he care for me.
  This asshole named Eli had the audacity to ask me for Fifty Dollars. Of Course I denied him. When he asked why I said “I’m not happy with you and I. I’m tired of trying. I think it’s best that we be friends. Obviously you are not ready for something real.”
  The shade of the matter was that we had to have this conversation via text message.  That was an obvious sign that I no longer needed him in my life.  The only reason that I was with him was because I loved the sex. The kicker was that I got tired of the constant lying that there was no one else. I happened to find out that I was a side hoe via a “hidden” Facebook that he told me about one night when he was high.  I come to find out that he had began dating and got engaged to some other guy, that really wasn’t up to my speed.
  Shortly after the relationship, I found out that my now ex is nothing more than a stunt queen and a user.  Apparently his reputation proceeds him.
  I’m not regretting this relationship. It taught me a lot about myself and it taught me what and what not to put up with in relationships.  I’ve learned if they always want to only go when you’re paying and they are never giving something to you, then they are a stunt queen.
 Be Cautious of Stunt Queens.
Love ya,
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