Social Nudism: Thanksgiving Parties

Thanksgiving is fastly approaching.  Many of us will be traveling with families and some of us will be dining with family. Some of us may even be taking some much needed nakations.

Well before you hit the road and before everyone gets busy with the holiday bustle, here are some Social Nudism quests that you all can venture upon before and during Thanksgiving.

#1. One could have a potluck:  If there is a football game on at that time, You all can have a potluck where everyone brings a dish and great beverages and you all can enjoy the game.

#2. Have a “Give Thanks” Gathering: This would consist of everyone bringing a grateful heart, some finger foods, and games. This would be centered around everyone giving thanks for all that they have and life.

#3. Holiday Movie Night: With the many holiday movies that will be airing during this time of year, You all can make it a night of watching your favorite holiday movies, or even Netflixing Holiday films and episodes of your favorite shows.

These  are just a few ideas . If you’ve read this post feel free to comment with some of your
Social Nudist Thanksgiving Gathering Ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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