Social Nudism: Holiday Season Celebration

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  As the Chipmunks would say “Christmas, Christmas Time is Here.” Christmas time is here again and many of us are spending the days shopping be it online or actually heading out to the store to buy that Christmas gift. While the weather in some places is cold and frightful while the fire is delightful, there are many things that we can do to have a nude, Christmas time.

  While some are throwing ugly sweater parties, the Nudist community can have a naked Holiday Gathering Party. No matter if you celebrate Chanakah, Kwanzaa, Or Christmas, we can all ban together and have a history lesson on the different cultures all while being naked, free, and happy!!!  For your Gathering be sure to have some great Christmas music playing. One could also have a Christmas movie night complete with music and food.

  If you don’t want to do a party how about a secret Santa party where everyone is someone else’s secret Santa? That will be a great idea. You could also band together and do some community service (of Course Clothed). However your nudist group chooses to celebrate it can also be used a charity event to take up can foods or even donate toys to kids, clothes and food to needy families.

 How would you celebrate the holidays?

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