Nudism: Is There a Sexual Side?

When it comes to nudism and naturism it is often misconceived as a sexual exploration. Many people sexualize nudism and think nudists are perverts, on which we are not. We just like being naked, free, and natural.
  However, I must ask is there a sexual side to nudism? With men getting random erections and some novice nudists gawking at their first nudist event, many people want to avoid the sexual things that can come from being nude.  Can someone sound off?
Is there a sexual side of nudism?

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Back to the Program

  So….After recent changes, I realize that I must go back to the original preface of this blog….Highlighting what naturism and nudism is.  It is not about sex or being sexual. It is about enjoying life.  With feedback from a great friend and trusted reader, I’ve decided to go back to the original program of this blog.
Love ya,

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DeAngelo Jackson and Rica Zaiciah

Rica trying to offload this place and got DeAngelo over to make sure everything is in order. The pad looks almost as phyne as Rica, which is all DeAngelo is interested in. He finna smash that ass fa sho, being hella upfront about fuckin Rica who is down for whateva. They get it on in the kitchen, Rica is all bend over the counter tops taking that enormous dick and lovin every second of it. These two brothas are makin a damn mess, I hope they cleaned it all up before the prospective buyers come around!

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