Halloween Ad Space Special

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Hey Everyone,
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Social Nudism: Karaoke Night

  Since Old Man Fall and Colder Temperatures are Falling upon us, I have yet another idea for social nudist activities.  One could host a Nudist Karaoke Night.  You can give it a fancy theme or you could also just invite friends over for drinks, food, and Karaoke.
  With Karaoke you can use Youtube or You can encourage everyone to bring their favorite Karaoke Tracks.  Wal-Mart and iTunes have plenty of Karaoke tracks to pull from.  When choosing Karaoke, don’t stick with one genre, pick a plethora of genre’s.
  You can even do a game of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” with Karaoke where each contestant must master the lyrics of the song.  The great part is that you don’t have to be a fabulous singer.  You can do it just for the hell of it. Try it out and make sure that you invite your naked friends via social media or other forms of inviting people. 

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Naked Thoughts: Waiting for the Last Tear to Fall

  So, It’s been a month since my last relationship ended.  Unfortunately, it ended on a sour note.  As I write this blog, I’m in no rush to find Mr. Right.  I’m just going to focus on me and my dreams as well as bettering myself. This is all a preparation stage for Mr. Right and not Mr. Right Now.
  I’m not going to bore you with the gory details of why the breakup occurred, but yes I did initiate it.  Let’s just say I’m no one’s door mat and I refuse to be someone’s meal ticket. I hate when Gays use people for their own purposes.  That just sickens me
  It’s been a good month however. I did feel the sting at first, but I’ve resolved that I’m better of without my now ex boyfriend.  Don’t get me wrong, It does make me feel some type of way when I’m out and about and I see happy couples.  I wonder, “damn, when will my time come.”
  Right now, I’m waiting for the last tear to fall. I’m waiting for all hatred, bitterness, and sadness to fall from me before I try dating again.  I don’t want my Mr. Right to suffer for what the past jackass did to me.  I guess that’s all I have to say for right now.

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