It’s Something About a Man

That Exuberates Sexiness.

What makes Him even more sexier is

when he has sexy feet to accompany

a body of a God as well as sensual features.

Check out these Sexy Adonises Below and Their Sexy Feet

What do you like about male feet? Soles? Toes? or the Whole Thing?

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Fahylando: Self Made Fantasy

Fahylando Jackson

Fahylando Jackson has become one of my favorite models and humanitarians.

Many of you follow him in Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

Fahylando, of Cuban, Filipino, and African-American descent has

wowed me since 2010.

 Fahylando has made appearances in various LGBT Publications

Such as PULP,  GLOSS, and RAGE magazines. He has also made appearances

on the television

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Nudists Need Friends Too

  Now many of you know that my previous blogs have been about sex and porn and all that jazz. One thing that people fail to realize about me is that I am also a nudist (naturist) as well.  I live in the Rural South, More Specifically South Carolina and It’s been very difficult trying to network with other nudists.  Most of my nudists friends are in Atlanta, Charlotte, and in the DMV.  I’ve been using sites such as Truenudists, NudistSpace, and Craigslist to network with other naturists.  However, I’ve found a new site called NudistFriends.Com.  Some feel that it is a nudist dating site, but it really is a social networking where single and booed up nudists can meet other people and network.  I’m actually signing up as we speak. 
 Why you may ask? I need NudistFriends!!!!  It’s hard having an interest in naturism (nudism) but you can’t really network without being hassled for sex.  If you want more information go to NudistFriends.Com and check it out. 
Love ya
NudistFriends.com - the largest nudist personals site!
NudistFriends.com – the largest nudist social networking site!
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Enjoying Nature


  As a Naturist, I really enjoy nature and I enjoy being outdoors, especially when the weather permits.  I’ve made up in my mind that although I have a busy work schedule, I’m going to make time in 2015 to enjoy some naked hikes. I want to enjoy the breeze of the air on my skin and enjoying the chirping of the birds and take in some great fresh air.
  Naturism is about enjoying nature and about being free and well…Natural.  There are so many benefits and it allows you to become one with nature.  Its nothing sexual or perverted about.  Did you know that God created us naked?  That’s another entry for another day.
  I just feel like enjoying nature.

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