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Nice ‘n’ Naughty #NextDoorEbony #XXXMAS

Oh my gawsh, you guys!!  Diaon is SO sweet to his boyfriend!  He got XL a hot guy for Christmas!!  And it’s not even your average hot guy, it’s Damian Brooks!  Everyone knows Damian has the most incredible, hungry ass around, and XL gets to have his way with it.  What an amazing gift! XL isn’t wasting any time getting right down to business, sticking his tongue deep into Damian’s sweet hole.  But he’s not forgetting that this is the season for remembering our loved ones. 

 XL knows that Diaon definitely wants to participate, so he pulls his man in and licks his sweet ass too.  After some side-by-side action, XL stacks the asses, one on top of the other, and licks repeatedly from the bottom up, all the way to the top of the stack!  What a hot way to kick off the naughty holiday fun.  Then he’s fucking Damian while his boyfriend, Diaon, watches and jerks off.  But XL can’t keep his mouth from his man’s hot ass.  Watch him fuck sexy Damian while he simultaneously rims Diaon.  And it’s not over until BOTH Damian and Diaon get fucked hard by this incredible hung hunk.  So shed that itchy, seasonal sweater and harden up your Festivus pole.  You’re invited to the sexiest party of the year, Next Door Ebony style!!!  Enjoy!

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