Social Nudism: Naked With the Bros


Social Nudism

Social Nudism



As a True Nudist and a Black Male Nudist, I love hanging out with Nudes of Color.  True Nudists understand that nudism can teach one body acceptance and teaches one how to be comfortable with themselves and baring it all in front of their best friends.

Well this past weekend, I celebrated my birthday.  I went out for my birthday and I was able to hang naked with the bros (which are my friends.  We decided to go to the club this weekend to ring in my birthday (March 15th, aka the Ides of March).  Well as we began to change clothes and I got in my best drag persona, We happened to just be hanging out naked.  It was a quick party of social nudism.   We started playing music as I pieced together each outfit. We even danced around and joked about each others dance moves or the lack there of.

It was non sexual might I add!!!! We all felt comfortable around each other in the buff.  There is nothing like good old non sexual social nudism to start off your birthday celebration.

Love ya!!!!

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@KristianDawawn of #MixItupBoy


Kristian Dawawan MixItUpBoy is serving it up!!! In his recent shoot, He bares it all, black male sole, big booty, and 8 inches of fun!!!!  And you know I love black male soles. Kristian strokes his 8 inches of meat. This versatile, capricorn, with very sexy tattoos, gives me life in every way.

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@HoodyLavaye and Devaunte Katoure #Cocodorm





Hoody La’vaye and Devaunte Katoure  are back with a new scene from Cocodorm.  In this scene Hoody, who has worked with Rockafellaz, demonstrates his booty eating and ass fucking skills. Devaunte, takes Hoody’s dick like a champ and swallows Hoody’s Manhood with ease!!!  Hoody beats Devaunte’s cakes into submission and it is a guaranteed burst of cum!!!!!

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#HappyBirthday Me



Beware the Ides of March Approacheth!!!!  In about 25 hours my birthday will be arriving.  I am very excited.  I will be entering into the last, but best years of my twenties.  Great things are happening.

I must say that as I approach the last years of my Twenties, I am able to brag that I’ve started selfhosting this blog and I’ve began so many other journeys in Nudism, Naturism, and Sexual Exploration.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit bitchy about approaching my 30s, but I feel that it is time for me to live it up dammit.  I’m not just getting older, but I maturing and I’m growing wiser.

I’m going to make 29 the best year of my life and I’m going to do the damn thing.

Love ya,

The Black Male Nudist

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JockStrap Central -Big Deal Sale – 15% to 50% Off Selected Brands‏ #JockstrapCentral

Jockstrap Central’s big deal sale, on now until Sunday, March 15th really is a big deal when you consider the awesome brands that are now marked down or on clearance for 15% to 50% off. Here’s the highlights:

Their stylish yet subtle and oh so comfortable collection of jockstraps and underwear from DT are now on clearance for 50% off. Also on clearance for 30% off is their fetish friendly line of Mr. S Leather jockstraps and jock briefs.

To make room for new styles coming your way, their existing collection of jockstraps and trunks from PUMP! are now on sale for 20% off. Also, their recently launched jockstraps and underwear from Todd Sanfield are now 15% off.

Both the Stellar and Stealth Junk Underjeans collections of jocks and trunks are on sale for 15% and finally, all their jockstraps from Jack Adams are on sale for 20% off.

Keep in mind: sizes are limited on clearance items and sale items will sell out fast so shop early for the best selection

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