Nudist Notes: Fetishizing Nudity


  As a nudist, I noticed that often time people fetishize nudism especially when People of Color are involved. Nudity is not a fetish but simply a way of life.
  Many people think that if you’re a Nudist that you are automatically thinking of sex. As I search for non sexual nudity media most of what I get is erotic art in regards to Black men and women.
  Now again there are times I do post sexual material on this blog. This blog not only deals with nudism, but it deals with my thoughts, feelings, whatever I feel like posting. The header states that this blog is the self expression of a Black Nudist.
  Now back to fetishizing nudism, it is difficult to educate those who are stuck in their own mind concerning nudism. Hey maybe we can come to terms with some people and their ignorance or continue to differentiate between porn and Naturism

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