My Vow of Celibacy



  Celibacy is defined as not participating in sexual activities such as masturbation, sexual intercourse, and watching porn.  Some people for spiritual and religious reasons often take voices of celibacy. This is done to make sure that the marriage bed isn’t desecrated or sometimes just to give themselves a fresh start.  Celibacy is healthy and should not be weighed in negative judgement. Being Celibate is not a bad thing. It can actually enrich your life and spirit.

  Recently I’ve decided to take a vow of celibacy. I’m taking this vow until the beginning of the 2017. It may go longer than that.  One of the reasons is that a bout a month ago, I went through a nasty break up.  My Lover, Antonio took the cowardly way of breaking up with me. This bastard did it via text message.  His reasoning was because he wasn’t “financially stable to live the live i want to live”…whatever the hell that meant. We did build the relationship, however we loved having plain out nasty filthy sex!!!

  I’m not going to lie the sex was good and I really loved Antonio, however how he broke up with me and blocked me on everything without even talking to me like a real man, left me devastated, but I ended up being liberated as my friend and fellow Nudist Yannick Taylor would say. The sex left us tired, but in hindsight it was the only good thing about the damn relationship.

  Now back to me being celibate. I haven’t had sex since the day after the break up. I was actually in a threesome. I’ve had offers to get down and dirty, but for some reason I didn’t fee like it. Which brings me to the point of celibacy.  I’m still in the healing phase of the break up and I feel that celibacy would be a great choice and option right now. This year I’ve been through two break ups. Granted I’m still polyamorous, however right now I’m taking some much needed me time and not enjoying sex with anyone for the next few months.

  During this time of celibacy I’ve been in therapy for some personal reasons. I’m also back to focusing on this blog and moving to the DMV area.  I really need to leave the fucking south.  I do plan on doing more traveling this upcoming year as well. I’ve also started financial planning. I’m anxious to see where this vow of celibacy takes me. I do believe it is going to take me to great heights!!!!

My Question to you all is can you do celibacy? Why? Why Not?

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