Moving the DC: Who Needs a Roommate?

For those who keep up with my social media ie Twitter, know that I am moving to the Washington DC area.  I’m currently finalizing things concerning employment which should be done within the next couple of weeks.  My main issue is basically trying to find a roommate and housing.  I am prepared to live by myself in a nice studio or one bedroom apartment.

However, I’m hoping that if I do have to have a roommate that I can find a nudist or naturist roommate.  So if you are reading this post and know someone in the DC area who needs a roommate Let Me know.  I’ve found out that there is nothing like having a roommate that has different interests, but is also of the naturist lifestyle.

Me as a roommate, I am clean, hard working, respectful and one time with bills and rent payments. I also pull my weight. Hopefully I can find a space that is pet friendly as I may bring my dog, Benz with me.

Feel free to email me at for more information.

Love ya,

The Black Trans Nudist

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