Morning Coffee, Afternoon Coffee, Just Give Me the Damn Coffee

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Good afternoon,

I’ve been up since the ass crack of dawn.  However to start my day, I made me a cup of coffee.  I rarely drink coffee anymore due to me being a singer and also I have acid reflux. I try to get as much sleep as possible to get the necessary energy as well as make sure that I’m able to function properly.

One mornings like this I love enjoying a cup of coffee in the nude especially having the air breezing across my skin and letting the Sun kiss my body.  The joys of being a nudist!!!  While coffee is good, I try not to have too much of a dependency on caffeine. That shit ain’t healthy at all.

tumblr_loclpvrnfC1qkurvqo1_500 How do you like your coffee? I love my sweet with a hint of cream. Others prefer their coffee Black while other love theirs rich or on ice. I love my coffee just as long as it wakes me the hell up!!! Coffee is great to have, but remember it’s one hell of an addiction.

  Where are my coffee drinkers at?

The Black Male Nudist

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