Looking in the Mirror

   See the Picture above? This man is looking in the mirror. Whenever you look in the mirror, you see a reflection of yourself.  You see your flaws, you see what it is that needs to be fixed or adjusted on you.
  Whenever, you look in the mirror you see how to make yourself better.  Before we look at anyone else and try to dictate their life and how they should live, we should take a look at ourselves. We should take a look at what is messed up in our lives. We should make the necessary adjustments, additions, and subtractions.
  As I look at different laws aimed at snatching rights away from the LGBT(QIAP) Communities, it makes me wonder if these religious bigots and asshats have looked clearly at themselves in the mirror. Have they seen that they are human beings as well? Have they seen that no one has knocked them for loving who they love and getting the rights that they’ve faught for? Have they seen the hypocrisy that lies within?
  Have they seen that maybe their are the ones with a messed up ideaology? I’m just saying.  I’ve come to find out that as a Black, Queer, Nudist there is nothing wrong with me. I’m just perfect.
Love ya,
The Black Male Nudist

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