livenaturism: The further you get from civilization, the less likely it is that you will run into easily offended people. Even if you do run into somebody who claims they are offended and will complain, bear in mind that in most cases, complaints must be made in writing. Most people will not go to the trouble to make a written complaint, and most authorities won’t act without one. Nonetheless, if there is a complaint, and you are far enough from civilization, you can be out of the area before the authorities arrive. Naturists do not claim that nudity is always appropriate. Clothing does have its practical uses. Clothing is a good idea in cold weather. Clothing is a good idea when frying bacon. No naturist will disagree. That doesn’t mean that clothes should be required all the time. We should all be allowed to use common sense to decide when we should be clothed and when we should not. Naturismo menudo se ha asociado con el bronceado toda la superficie. (La palabra “tomar el sol” se ha usado como un eufemismo de años.) Sin embargo, la investigación ha demostrado que el sol puede ser perjudicial cuando se toma en exceso, y que las cosas no van a cambiar para mejor. El cáncer de piel, en particular, es una preocupación importante para los naturistas activos. Esto no significa necesariamente tener nada que ver con la desnudez – desnudez expone sólo un poco más piel de un traje de baño – pero tiene mucho que ver con las largas horas bajo el sol favorecido por algunos naturistas… To read the full article visit _ Thank you so much to @sexy.nerd.movement.official for sharing this Post. . #LiveNaturism #nudists #nudism #naturists #naturism #outdoors #Forest #naturalist #nudist #getoutside #getnaked #enjoylife #getlost #findyourself #livelife #lovelife #lovenature

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