I Love Being a Nudist

I love being a nudist. I’ve been a nudist since I was the age of 14 years of age.  I just knew that I loved and still love being naked whenever I had the chance. I didn’t know what to call it and didn’t know why I felt so comfortable, but I just knew that being clothes free made me happy.

Since then, I have been a practicing naturist. I am naked at home, at resorts, in naked hikes in the wood.  I have even organized some nudist events and naked parties.  Naturism is such a divine lifestyle to be a part of.

Naturism allows you to be liberated from the evil works that clothes put on the human body.  I feel that so many times when we are clothed we focus on the cost and how couture or stylish our clothes are.  So many times we focus on what we are wearing a little too much instead of focusing on our well being, health, and body image.

Naturism allows us to break free of body image issues and allows us to love ourselves wholly.  I love being a nudist.

Why do you enjoy the naturist lifestyle?



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