I Hate Being Sick!!!

I absolutely positively HATE BEING SICK! I HATE BEING SICK!!! The last couple days I’ve been in bed resting and trying to get my voice back. Not to mention, I haven’t been sleeping naked due to me having a cold and having somewhat of a fever.  I ended up having to take the day off and see a doctor while trying Home Remedies. Let me tell you those home remedies help, but seeing a doctor will help so much.

One of the remedies that I did try was to eat raw vidalia onions.  They actually gave me a bit of energy.  I have read on the internet that if you try taping onions to the bottom of your feet while you sleep that will detox your body and bring the sickness out of your body. However that is something I’ve never tried. I may utilize it. God knows I hate being on medications with all these freaking side effects and shit.

I’m going to be back with more posts very soon. I’m just gonna take it easy and rest.

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