God and I Are…



In my years as a Gay, Genderfluid (also seen as Transgender), Black Nudist, I have come to find out that God and I are cool.  How could he not be cool with his creation? How could he damn someone to a fiery pit knowing full and well who and what they would love?

I just don’t see how God could not be cool with me!!!  God created us naked and he also made us in HIS own image.  Now the things that aren’t cool with God are bigotry, hatred, strife, malice, and other things that seek to harm man kind.

People think that homosexuality and transgender living will harm mankind…WRONG!!! Greed, Hatred, and ignorance will be the ruin of man kind.  How is my love life, my love of being naked, and my joy causing harm to anyone?  It’s not!!!  Why can’t we live and let others live and show each other love?

Wasn’t Love one of the most important things that Jesus taught us?

d6c8c39c8642a336a48d0091_naturistWe have grown so accustomed to not loving our fellowman due to certain teachings.  How about we read the Bible for ourselves and study to show thyselves approved?  I guess most bigots, especially these republifools have forgotten that God is love not hatred and stupid laws.  Excuse me for venting. I had to get that off my chest.

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