I’ve Joined the Bitcoin Craze

Litecoin Miner - Mine and Earn free Litecoin

Many of you have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum,  and Litecoin These are what we call Cryptocurrency or Cryptocurrencies. This meaning that these are currencies used on the internet to buy products as well as valuable for trading and selling. I recently joined the bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin crazy and have started the mining process with various mining apps from my tablet and computer. One of the ways I mine is through GIU miner or my favorite online litecoin miner LTCMiner.IO. 

I urge you to try it out. You can start off by investing a small amount and mining it with trustworthy and legitimate cryptocurrency miners. Check out the banner above. This is one way to make extra money going into 2018.

Love ya,


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Work from Home for Nudists

Many of you that follow this blog, know that I work from home. I have been working from home for the last year and a half. With some info from fellow nudist Yannick Taylor, I’ve compiled a list of work at home jobs that will allow you to work from home, make extra money, and enjoy your time working in the best way possible…NAKED and FREE.
makeimage6Working as an affiliate with the Motor Club of America (courtesy of Yannick Taylor), allows you to sign up other members to a wonderful unlimited roadside assistance program. Once you sign up, you are provided with state of the art training, as well as do’s and don’ts to run a successful business. You are paid weekly with direct deposit and you can make a comfortable living by setting your own hours, in the comfort of your own home, and YES doing it all naked!!!






thClickworker is a great opportunity to do small tasks for extra money. You do anything from evaluating websites, categorizing clothings, making sure that websites are searchable and readable as well as testing other websites.  You can also refer others and you will be able to make extra money for each referral. If this is something that you would love doing daily I advise to join up with clickworker.



th-1Fiverr is a great website for musicians, writers, models, and other entrepreneurs that are freelancers.  You put up your profile, describe your services.  You can also include your price for your services and stipulations. You will also need to include samples for better responses and greater chances of work. You can also promote your profile on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for better exposure.

recruitment_315x300For those that are comfortable infront of a camera, you can also become a webcam model. No I do understand that Nudism has nothing to do with porn, but I’m a nudist who happens to be sex positive.  With Chaturbate you can work as many hours from home of course in the buff, be your own boss, and get paid twice per month. They also offer a daily payout option as well. This will be a great opportunity if you are sex positive like me.

These are some other alternatives. If you are into being a phone actress or actor you can work for NiteFlirt or TalkToMe. With these two sites people will call in for advice, relationship advice, or whatever you place your ad up that you are willing to talk about. These are very lucrative. There is some self promotion that you would need to do, but it will drive business to you.

These are a few work at home ideas for those that wish to be their own boss and to enjoy being nude and free while making almighty dollar.

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