Being a Black Nudist




I am a Black Male Nudist that happens to be gay.  In my experience as being a Nude of Color I feel that often times I am stereotyped as a  sex object due to be my legendary sexual prowess and the myth that all Black Men have big penises. Upon visiting nudist resorts that are predominantly White I often viewed as a token Black or either the Black man that is using nudism as a tool to prey on the White race.

Unfortunately I feel that within Nudism there is a racial divide with non-White nudists and Nudes of Colors.  Whenever I look or research naturism and nudism, I only see White faces and not enough Black Faces or Nudes of Color.

Now I’m not meaning this post to be racist or to be a Black Militant post, I’m just stating the facts.  Now Althought the Title of this Blog is the Black Male Nudist, I cover more than just the topic of Nudism. I cover sex, religion, sexuality, porn, sexual gratification, politics, and other things from the life of a Black, Gay, Male, Nudist.

If you are offended by any of the material on this blog, then feel free to exit the blog. This blog is my self expression of my life and my well being.  Not every topic will be on nudism and not every topic will be about sex.

There it is. The reason why I’ve revamped this blog.

Love ya,

Khalil D.


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