The Future of this Blog

Many of you have noticed that I have not been very active on the blog lately.  The reason why is that I am working on self hosting. Apparently the system known as blogger has been deleting my blog(s) alleging that they are spam. Unfortunately they also have review the Black Male Nudist Blog for the same thing. Now the Nudist blog has been up since April 2015 and I have not had a fucking problem at all.  The claim it is due to their automated system.  Am I pissed? Yes I very much so am. However, soon I hope to be self hosting an all new blog under a different name.  Be on the look out for details.
As for the nudism blog, My blog is currently under review. I pray and hope that it is restored so I can continue my work.  The great thing is I have records of all posts. I will also be coming back with what you all can do to help me self hoston another platform other than blocker  I mean Blogger.  I will be back soon,

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