Romeo Storm and Seduction Davenport


Romeo Storm callin up his brotha Seduction Davenport tellin him he needs to get his ass down here pronto so he can fuckin destroy it with his big ass thug dick. He wanna smash that ass into a billion pieces slingin dat shit so deep up in there Seduction ain’t got no choice but to take it. He loves dat dick too, takin it all in like a man and lovin every inch of it. Romeo is ruthlessly poundin away at that ass til they all ready to busts some fat nuts!




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Arquez, Ciroc Star, and Valentino


Valentino is taking a shower, soapin up his dick real good, getting sparkly clean, only to find himself in a threesome gettin nasty as all fuck. Ciroc Star meanwhile is passed out on the bed, when Arquez steps up to him and whips out his thug pipe and slaps him in the face a lil. Ciroc is a total slut for dick so he’s welcoming the rude awakening and deepthroats Arquez til his dick his hard as rock. Valentino is feelin a lil left out at this point, so he pulls down Ciroc’s panties and figer fucks him while getting sucked off by Arquez. Soon Ciroc is pinned between the two getting fucked from all directions, but Arquez makes sure he gets some of Valentino’s ass too. This is one spectacular fuck fest!


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Sugar Before Bed


Bam Bam loves getting naughty in the sack before bedtime, but his REAL-LIFE boyfriend, Krave Moore, is often too tired to fool around after a long day at the office. But Bam knows that he can usually coax his handsome beau into engaging in some sexy action…with a little work, of course! As Krave lays with his eyes closed, telling Bam to knock it off and go to sleep, Bam gently kisses his neck. He knows this spot usually melts Krave into acquiescence.

See what happens when Bam Bam and Krave Moore Began to Sample that Sugar Before Bed!!!!

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