How to Cope With Stress

 Stress can be overwhelming for us in the Black Gay Community.  We have to deal with prejudices in society, family, and sometimes relationship drama. Many have asked me how  I handle stress.
  One way that I handle stress is by exercising.  Exercising gets those endorphines going and it helps you release tension in a healthy manner.  Exercise is often used in treating depression and anxiety.  Did you know that exercise also helps you sleep better at night? Try it.
  Another way to cope with stress is to listen to some nice soothing music and relax.  This is one of my favorite ways of relaxing since music is the way I live. I love music and music loves me.  Listening to some smooth jazz and allowing yourself to dream will cause your mind to focus on something other than your current situation and it allows you relax and even take a rest and get some shut eye.
  One more way to cope with stress is to keep a journal.  I’ve been journaling since I was in high school and it has proven to be very handy and helpful.  Journaling allows you to vent your feelings and allows you to voice how you feel if you have trouble verbalizing your feelings.
  If you feel that these methods will not work, I advise you to seek counseling or therapy.  Sometimes we may need that extra push or someone to to talk to in order to put things in perspective.  Along with counseling we may need to sever some relationships and connections that cause us problems with anxiety and other means of stress.  Do not be ashamed to get counseling.  It takes a real man or a real woman to get counseling.
  If you have any other tips on how to cope with stress please feel free to comment on this blog post.
Love ya,


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