Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, Naked People. I am home from service and relaxing. I am anticipating a naked gathering later on today with a good friend of mine.

There is nothing like Social Nudism on a Sunday. Sunday is already a day of rest, why not get together with some nudist friends and have a freaking blast? Trust me, you will be glad that you got naked and had some relaxation time.

What are somethings that you do when partaking in social nudity?



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Social Nudism: Thanksgiving Parties

Thanksgiving is fastly approaching.  Many of us will be traveling with families and some of us will be dining with family. Some of us may even be taking some much needed nakations.

Well before you hit the road and before everyone gets busy with the holiday bustle, here are some Social Nudism quests that you all can venture upon before and during Thanksgiving.


#1. One could have a potluck:  If there is a football game on at that time, You all can have a potluck where everyone brings a dish and great beverages and you all can enjoy the game.

#2. Have a “Give Thanks” Gathering: This would consist of everyone bringing a grateful heart, some finger foods, and games. This would be centered around everyone giving thanks for all that they have and life.

#3. Holiday Movie Night: With the many holiday movies that will be airing during this time of year, You all can make it a night of watching your favorite holiday movies, or even Netflixing Holiday films and episodes of your favorite shows.

These  are just a few ideas . If you’ve read this post feel free to comment with some of your
Social Nudist Thanksgiving Gathering Ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Social Nudism: The Naked Holidays

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Click the Picture to Purchase this shirt


Singer, Songwriter, and Transgender Nudist, Yannick Taylor, is one of my favorite vloggers. She also is a close naturist friend of mine.  She recently  presented us with ideas that we as nudists can do for social nudist events, social nudism, and even reaching to the community. Check out her video below.


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Hanging Out Naked




As I sit at my desk typing away on my break, It has occurred to me that it has been a while since I’ve had some social nudity.  It’s been a little over a month.  Since this month is my birthday month, I am going to attend some nude gatherings. I’m thinking that one weekends, I’m going to hang out with other nudists when I’m not busy or having an ass load of work to do.

However at times it is kind of hard networking especially as a single, gay Nudist. I guess people think I’m looking for a threesome if a couple is involved which is so far from what I am looking for. I have tried going out on a limb and posting a craigslist ad for the umpteenth time. Hopefully no sexually charged responses become of it.

How else do you network with other nudists?

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Starting a Nudist Group in Upstate South Carolina

beach_41  I’ve been a Nudist since my teenage years and I love the feeling of being bare and free.  It was often something I enjoyed alone until I got older and was able to drive and get my own place. However, in 2016 I’m going to do a second attempt at starting a local nudist group in the Upstate part of South Carolina. I’m not going to be concerned about who thinks I’m crazy nor the size of the group, but a good number of people will do. Even if it is only a few.

I know that there are a great number of nudists that live in the Upstate South Carolina however for some reason there seems to be barriers in networking and meeting others. I tried to do so last year in South Carolina however no one would join unless there were already other members involved. I plan on making posts on some websites and networking via Twitter and Facebook to get the word out.  If you are in the South Carolina Upstate and See this post please comment or email me at NauticalStarPros@gmail.com. Please Serious Inquiries only!!!


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Social Nudism: Holiday Season Celebration

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  As the Chipmunks would say “Christmas, Christmas Time is Here.” Christmas time is here again and many of us are spending the days shopping be it online or actually heading out to the store to buy that Christmas gift. While the weather in some places is cold and frightful while the fire is delightful, there are many things that we can do to have a nude, Christmas time.

  While some are throwing ugly sweater parties, the Nudist community can have a naked Holiday Gathering Party. No matter if you celebrate Chanakah, Kwanzaa, Or Christmas, we can all ban together and have a history lesson on the different cultures all while being naked, free, and happy!!!  For your Gathering be sure to have some great Christmas music playing. One could also have a Christmas movie night complete with music and food.

  If you don’t want to do a party how about a secret Santa party where everyone is someone else’s secret Santa? That will be a great idea. You could also band together and do some community service (of Course Clothed). However your nudist group chooses to celebrate it can also be used a charity event to take up can foods or even donate toys to kids, clothes and food to needy families.

 How would you celebrate the holidays?

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Social Nudism: Pre-Thanksgiving Gathering

With Thanksgiving, Just 13 Days Away, Many people are probably stocking up and making travel plans to see their loved ones and to gather with friends for a day of Thanks.  For nudists, this can be a great time to gather with other nudists and have a Thanksgiving Dinner or a Pre-Thanksgiving Chin Dig (Naked of Course) before you all go to your different destinations for Turkey Day.
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Yannick T and Social Nudist Tips

Yannick Taylor is one of my favorite vloggers. They are genderqueer and a Nudist!!! Yannick gives us some insight on what we can do as far as social nudism since the temperatures are changing and our favorite TV Shows such as “American Horror Story,” “How To Get Away With Murder,” and “Empire“, Not to mention scandal are premiering.

Check him out below as he hands out ways to continue an active nude lifestyle during the Fall Season!!!!

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