Cum Stained Fantasy: Wrestle With Me Baby

  We all have a special fantasy. Mine has to deal with wrestling. Many ask why? Well, in my honest opinion there is a homoerotic fixation with wrestling.  It’s something about having a man man handle you and you fight back with him and all that testosterone building up and sweat building up, that makes my dick throb out of passion.
  The last time I wrestled with someone was in August 2013.  I had met John on Craigslist. I was bored for the weekend and needed something to do. So I posted an ad on Craigslist of course with my ass and dick showing. Surprisingly John answered.  John even sent pictures. 
  John was a muscular 6 foot even body builder with caramel skin.  He and I talked on the phone for about 30 mins before making definite plans to meet. 
  John’s simple request was to “be ready for some awesome male on male action.”  That made my dick tingle.  As I prepared myself for some naked wrestling, I dressed in some black basketball shorts with no underwear. I hadn’t jacked off in days and my dick was ready for some grid iron fetish action.
  As I arrived at John’s apartment, I kept my mind focused on something to keep me calm upon first meeting.  When John answered the door, he was ass naked.  With his sexy, gorgeous, well manicured feet showing.
  John offered me a mixed drink which I gladly accepted.  To make a long story short, we began watching television and we then began playing around and horse playing.
 John says “Khalil, I don’t think you’re ready,” right before I playfully but strongly pinned him on the floor. I could feel his fat ass on my dick.  John began slowly grinding and I could feel my man hood growing and dripping pre-cum.
  We continued wrestling, touching each others errogenous zones. Next thing I know we began having a nice little circle jerk session with both of us shooting cum on our chests.  All of that playing around and wrestling got our endorphines flowing.

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