Euphoric Sensations

What to maximize your orgasm? Try the Award Winning Eupho Syn by Aneros

A new evolution of Eupho has arrived – Aneros’ Eupho Syn, a perfect synthesis of the popular prostate massager with velvet touch silicone. The Eupho Syn maintains the slim design and small head allowing for more targeted massages. Increased comfort is derived from the addition of a thick silicone coating over the rigid frame necessary for an awe-inspiring prostate experience. Eupho Syn is ideal for men with stronger sphincter muscles, who can control the massaging capabilities through varied contractions. Even the most experienced users of prostate massagers will discover new sensations by exploring their body with Eupho Syn.

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Cum Stained Diaries: Prostate Orgasm

  Many people have heard of a prostate orgams. What is a prostate orgasm? A prostate orgasm is the term used for massaging the prostate gland in order to produce a flow and elimination of seminal fluid (semen) without ejaculation.  It can often be used to intensify orgasm with a partner or when masturbating.  Many physicians have stated that this it is helpful a way of soothing and relieving prostatic distress.  
  As a Gay Man, When I bottom, the penis, if done correctly massages my prostate and causes a healthy flow of cum without ejaculation, however when done right, the orgasm can be explosive and you can often cum or bust a good old nut, just from a prostate massage alone. For more info on Prostate orgasm and a prostate massage, check out the video below.
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