Let’s Talk About Gun Control

Let’s Talk About Gun Control. I mean let’s have an in depth discussion about Gun Control in America. Over the course of the last couple weeks since the horrific shooting that claimed 17 lives at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, we’ve seen a complete battle for Gun Control. If you aren’t familiar with this tragedy, On Valentine’s Day Nikolas Cruz when on a rampage kill 17 people including students and teachers and injuring several others. Many say it was due to his troubled childhood, which I think is complete bullshit given he was a white nationalist (not being offensive to anyone) and he admitted to wanting to kill and harm Latinx, Hispanic, and Black people.
The weapons that were used in this horrific crime just like many other mass shootings in America were an AR-15 style rifle. This is a military grade weapon. How is it that this kid was able to get his hands on such a weapon? The same can be said in the Las Vegas shooting that took place in October 2017. Might I add most of the horrific mass shootings in America have not happened by Muslims or Blacks, but by White Nationalists. Need I remind you have the things that happened in Charlottesville, VA when a white nationalist plowed people down, killing a young lady with his car?
As you know the Survivors of not only this Tragedy in Parkland, Florida, but the survivors of the horrific Pulse Shooting masscare in 2016, ascended state houses and are protesting only to be slapped in the face by legislators and lawmakers. What kind of nonsense is this? Not to mention the survivors are being trolled by Trump, Tomi Lahren and Countless other asshats in power.
If you research Countries and Places like Canada, South Korea, China, United Kingdom, and Germany have Gun Control laws that are from strict to very strict. Why can’t we have that in America? Primary issue is Money. Did you know that the NRA supports the likes of Marc Rubio, Agent Orange, and Several other GOP members. Did you know that the NRA supports the GOP? That is why we cannot get gun control. They’d rather much tell us to pray and be sitting ducks, instead of banning assault weapons that can kill scores of people with in minutes.
Now to those who think Gun Control is “Taking away our guns,” let me stop you right there. Gun Control is NOT taking away guns. It is making assault rifles that are military grade harder to access, barring known violent criminals, mentally ill people, those who have a history of domestic violence, and yes BIGOTS AND RACISTS from owning guns. It will also make it harder to get firearms illegally.
To those who say “Well, they’ll find another way.” Sure they will. Let them try stoning someone, using slingshots, and see butter knives and see how far they will get.
I don’t even agree with arming teachers. They have a lot to deal with. I wouldn’t trust a nervous teacher with a gun. They could accidentally shoot themselves or a student instead of the gun men. That argument in itself is dumb.
We simply need gun control in the USA. I stand with those who have been affected by senseless gun violence. Something must be done.
What are your thoughts on gun control? Sound off

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Boycotting the NFL

Normally, this time of year would breed excitement for me as it is approaching Football Season. This year is rather different. I’m not very enthusiastic about the Negroes For Lease franchise or entity this year all because of the mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick and the refusal to sign him.
Let’s be honest, The reason that they refuse to sign him has nothing to do with him not having talent. He is very skilled at what he does. He’s one hell of a quarterback. The main issue is that he stood up for RACIAL INJUSTICE!!! Instead of being a good ole Negro he stood up for the rights of unarmed Black Men and Women being killed and violated by racist, trigger happy cops.
Now My issue is that they would have rather signed Culter who is not as talented and WHITE over someone who just kneeled during the national anthem, (mind you Marshawn Lynch Sits as well), but now its all a big controversy. What about them still signing rapists, murderers, conspirators of Murders (Ahem Ray Lewis), but because someone spoke out politically it’s all a problem.
It’s funny that they’ll throw up his Fidel Castro Comments and stuff as a way to disenfranchise him, but that’s not even a real issue. “What I said was I agree with the investment in education,” Kaepernick said. “I also agree with the investment in free universal health care, as well as the involvement in helping end apartheid in South Africa.” This is what Kaepernick said. He never said anything about oppressing people. Evaluate that. He just wore a simple shirt.
What kills me about the Black men in the football league such as Michael Vick who was ostracized for dog fighting and later let back into the NFL, Ray Lewis, is that they are forcing a humble, quiet, submissive Negro attitude on Colin Kaepernick and requesting that he “cut his afro” to appear more marketable. Let’s not forget Michael Vick had cornrows and braids as well as other players having locs and afros. Let’s not go their Mike.

When Muhammad Ali went through his battles with not wanting to go to war and opposed the Vietnam War, he had more unity from the Black Community. My question is where is the unity from the Black Community? So yes I’m fucking boycotting the NFL. No Kaepernick, No NFL. FUCK FOOTBALL Season 2017.


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The Strike On Syria

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the breaking news, Donald Trump has order a strike against Syria, with 50 damn Tomahawk Missiles. The media and most people are thinking it has to do with the sarin nerve gas attack allegedly carried out there, by Bashar al-Assad.  No one really knows what has happened.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I honestly think we are being duped by Russia into World War III.  I honestly think #45 has not properly thought this situation through all the way. Yes, the party or parties responsible for this chemical attack should be punished, but I feel that a little bit more investigation should have been done before a big ass decision such as this.

I’m hearing so many conservatives on social media saying “yeah, bomb Syria,” but these are the main people who refused to let Syrian refugees into this country. I honestly see an ass load of hypocrisy. You attempt to “ban” Muslims from certain countries that you DO NOT do business with, but then you bomb one of our allies?  Something in the Milk ain’t white.

I’m going to continue to watch the news and pray for peace. This may be the final frontier for peace in the middle East.

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