Naked With Lucas

It’s Thursday. Take a note from Lucas and Get barefoot and Naked. There is nothing wrong with getting absolutely naked and enjoying life. Did you know that being naked helps release stress. Put up your barefeet and relax some. Hell even dance while you’re barefoot and naked! What more tips from Lucas? Go on over to and He’ll show you how.

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Piloto *Check Out This Sponsor*





Meet Piloto, a Bi Latin Man. He doesn’t mind getting naked in front of the camera. His naked body has a few tattoos and Piloto enjoys the air on his skin. Be Like Piloto and get naked.

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Isaac’s Hump Day

It’s Hump Day Again!!! Isaac Yale doesn’t mind enjoying a clothes free Hump Day. Wednesday is his day to get clothesfree and just relax. We understand that it’s the middle of the week, but did you know that getting naked helps release tension and releases stress a great deal? Take a note from Sir Isaac and Get Butt Naked.

For More Hump Day with Isaac Yale Click on this pic

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The Manwhore Podcast: Ep. 69 – Growing Up Naked: Naturism, Boners and Body Image

The Manwhore Podcast is one hell of a podcast. Recently they deal with naturism, growing up nudist, sex positivity, boners, and body image. With this interview with Felicity Jones from Young Naturists of America. Get into this episode. It will explain a lot of how nudism is helpful with body image and more.

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October is Here


Well the Month of October is here.  The weather is changing and leaves are changing color.  With change comes greatness.  Although our outdoor activities in various places will be limited as it pertains to nudism, we can still plan some indoor activities. I will be back for more indoor nudism activities.

Love Ya,


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