Cypress Cove Nudist Resort- A Gay Perspective

“Most people comment about how friendly people are here. You can sit next to a banker and a trucker and never know who is who. The real attraction to nudism for many is the social element. It’s all about friends. When you visit Cypress Cove, you instantly become part of the group. Even as you walk down the road here, everyone waves, smiles and says hello to you. In today’s world, people don’t socialize like they used to. It’s different here. People here really want to hang out with each other.” More: Cypress Cove Nudist Resort – Gay Travelers Magazine

Nudism is a social avenue for people of all walks of life and all shapes and sizes. For some Naturists or Nudists some people that don’t fit into a social norm are considered just naked.
It is time to kill stereotypes and assumptions. It’s time to educate oneself and educate themself on nudism and the fact that it is for everyone!!!!

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My Visit to Haulover Nude Beach



Finally a Picture of Me The Black Male Nudist

So As Many of you know I visited Miami. The above picture is one of the many shots I took while on the beach.
  I went to Haulover Nude Beach with a group of Friends Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The experience was lovely. I got plenty of R&R and Sun. I’ll be writing more on this adventure later.

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Let’s Go Fishing

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It’s been about 5 years since I’ve been fishing. One of my uncles, a childhood friend, and I used to go fishing every Spring and Summer.

However, since I’ve grown into adulthood, It’s been such a very long time since I’ve gone fishing. Here lately, I’ve been wanting to head to the lake or a nice fishing hole and do some quiet, naked fishing. Of Course I’d have plenty of sunscreen and make sure that I don’t get devoured by mosquitoes!!!

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#TBT Memorial Day Memories


On days where the weather is quite warm, I like to gather with my friends at the river or nearest nudist resort for some fun in the Sun with some cool, nourishing, yet enlightening drinks.
  It’s been since Memorial Day 2014, that I’ve been to Rivers Edge. It was a warm and I got my happy freeballing self in my car and headed to Dewy Rose, GA.
I prepared with plenty of Sunscreen, bottled water, flip flops, bug repellent, sun glasses, and my favorite towel to.dit on,
  My best friend that I call “Swing” was to be going with me, but he had something to come up. I did not fret, I went anyway. There I met some fascinating characters. We discussed our occupations, hobbies, religions, and politics.
We had drinks and I walked the trail and did some naked hiking. I enjoyed myself to the fullest. There is nothing like living life naked. I plan on taking a weekend trip back there soon. Until then, stay naked and stay free.
The Black Male Nudist

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South Africa Goes Nude

South Africa Goes Nude

South Africa Has Taken a Great Leap. They have finally opened up their first official Nudist Beach.

Last year, A 500 Mpenjati Beach, was approved by the local government to become an official nudist venue. For decades South Africa has been home to dozens of unofficial Nudist Beaches such as Cape Town’s Sandy Bay.


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