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Young Naturists of America Closing

According to their Website, Young Naturists of America, will be closing by the end of 2017.


Dear YNA members, supporters and followers,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce our decision to close Young Naturists America by the end of this year.

We originally started this organization about 7 years ago with a few goals in mind – to bring about social change, to bring naturist values back into the modern nudist movement and to introduce more young adults to naturism.

And we did succeed in this through our grassroots outreach, hundreds of published articles, online social groups, gatherings and events, media coverage, Radio / TV appearances and more.


For more info please go to

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Me and the Bathhouse

So finally this Summer I was able to attend a nacation .  Although it was brief it was fun filled.  It happened during a weekend get away with my best friend , Shah.  I think he enjoyed the get way as well.

The Bathhouse is one of the well known bathhouses in Atlanta known as “Flex.” Now granted some people were there for other means, but I actually just enjoyed being able to be around other people who enjoyed getting naked, enjoying the steam room, sauna, and hot tub. Being able to walk around in a space that catered to those in the Queer Community to be naked was a joy. Now granted I did partake in other festivities, it was nothing like being able to relax in a sauna and steam room and just forget about the anxieties of the day.

I think all nudist resorts especially in the south USA should have Saunas and Steamrooms. This would make people a bit more comfortable being nude.


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Naturists Podcasts

Hello All,

I  love podcasts and podcasts are a fun way to start your day and relax. In this post I’ve included some Naturist Podcasts that you’ll enjoy. They are educational, informative, and NAKED!!!!


The Naturist Living Show: Naturist Living Show Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Clothes Free Living Update:  Clothes Free Living Update clothes free life radio

Act Naturally Nudism

KCRW’s Here Be Monsters:


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Cypress Cove Nudist Resort- A Gay Perspective

“Most people comment about how friendly people are here. You can sit next to a banker and a trucker and never know who is who. The real attraction to nudism for many is the social element. It’s all about friends. When you visit Cypress Cove, you instantly become part of the group. Even as you walk down the road here, everyone waves, smiles and says hello to you. In today’s world, people don’t socialize like they used to. It’s different here. People here really want to hang out with each other.” More: Cypress Cove Nudist Resort – Gay Travelers Magazine

Nudism is a social avenue for people of all walks of life and all shapes and sizes. For some Naturists or Nudists some people that don’t fit into a social norm are considered just naked.
It is time to kill stereotypes and assumptions. It’s time to educate oneself and educate themself on nudism and the fact that it is for everyone!!!!

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Resources for Nudes of Color #NudistsResources - the largest nudist personals site! – the largest nudist personals site!

  Being a Nude of Color it can be quite frustrating when you do not see enough resources that cater to African American Nudists or Nudists of Color.

  As I have stated before, Naturism is for everybody.  Recently I was emailed by a supporter of this blog with a serious question. This person is a budding nudists and happens to be of Color.

  I was asked about resources and places that cater specifically to Nudists of Color.  If you are reading this post and are wondering the same thing, this is the post for you!!!! Now with this blog, I do cover other things other than just naturism, I also cover sexuality, adult entertainment, health, and more!!! But for the sake of this post and the basic title of this post, I will cover Resources for Nudes of Color.

  One resource that I would tell one to use is to use TrueNudists.Com. This the top Nudist Social Networking Site. They include forums and groups that will allow you to network with other nudists and naturists of color.  I would stay away from craigslist because it could attract those that mistake nudism and naturism as means for sex. Naturism is not an orgy!!! It is simply for people who love living life naked and free.

   When it comes to traveling, I’ve found that Haulover Beach is one of the top places for Nudes of Color to visit.  By it being clothing optional, I advise you to network with other nudists that will love traveling to Haulover with you.

  Another great beach to visit would be Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey. It is frequented by a diverse group of people and you won’t be disappointed.

  Now if you are in an area like myself where people are ashamed to be nudists, then you may want to try searching Facebook Groups for Nudists of Color or that cater to Nudists of African Descent.  It may be difficult due to most of the groups on Facebook being secret. However, there is no harm in research and doing searches on the Nudist Websites mentioned in order to network.

  I hope and pray that this has been a great help to you.

The Black Male Nudist

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