Me and the Bathhouse

So finally this Summer I was able to attend a nacation .  Although it was brief it was fun filled.  It happened during a weekend get away with my best friend , Shah.  I think he enjoyed the get way as well.

The Bathhouse is one of the well known bathhouses in Atlanta known as “Flex.” Now granted some people were there for other means, but I actually just enjoyed being able to be around other people who enjoyed getting naked, enjoying the steam room, sauna, and hot tub. Being able to walk around in a space that catered to those in the Queer Community to be naked was a joy. Now granted I did partake in other festivities, it was nothing like being able to relax in a sauna and steam room and just forget about the anxieties of the day.

I think all nudist resorts especially in the south USA should have Saunas and Steamrooms. This would make people a bit more comfortable being nude.


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I Love Being a Nudist

I love being a nudist. I’ve been a nudist since I was the age of 14 years of age.  I just knew that I loved and still love being naked whenever I had the chance. I didn’t know what to call it and didn’t know why I felt so comfortable, but I just knew that being clothes free made me happy.

Since then, I have been a practicing naturist. I am naked at home, at resorts, in naked hikes in the wood.  I have even organized some nudist events and naked parties.  Naturism is such a divine lifestyle to be a part of.

Naturism allows you to be liberated from the evil works that clothes put on the human body.  I feel that so many times when we are clothed we focus on the cost and how couture or stylish our clothes are.  So many times we focus on what we are wearing a little too much instead of focusing on our well being, health, and body image.

Naturism allows us to break free of body image issues and allows us to love ourselves wholly.  I love being a nudist.

Why do you enjoy the naturist lifestyle?



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Shut Up and Listen

Listening Is very important to one’s existence. It is a simple part of communication. Instead of ranting and over talking someone, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!!!!
It may save your life and the person who is talking will have their sanity.

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Nudist and Sex Positive?


Many of you know that I am a nudist. I am also sex positive.  I do understand that in the nudist or naturist setting that sex is not welcomed, which is understandable.  That is also why on this website you will see sexual materials. I am a nudist who is sex positive, and I am a sexual being.

Let’s face it, although we are nudists there are things that arouse us and make us go boom!!!  I was once asked how am I a nudist, but am sex positive.  The answer is easy. I can seperate the two.  In a nudist setting, I enjoy life the way God intended, straight up naked!!! Now don’t get me wrong as we are naked boobs, vagina, ass, penis, and things that are often fetishized are out for everyone to see.

To control the sexual aspect it is all in your mindset and your intentions for being naked.  There are times where we do have that bad apple that flaunts their erection or flaught their erect breast or does something sexual with their genitals, but the key is calling out the behavior and educating on what Nudism is and is not!!! I know that many peole have blogs that contain sexual nudism and non sexual nudism however the blog is from their point of view.

I have noticed that within the nudist community, there is often an exiling of those who are sex positive but have a major respect for the nudist community.  How can we be sex positive nudists and nudists who aren’t sex positive and not bash each other? Simple let each other be and hold each other accountable.  That is just my opinion. What say ye about this?

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Snowy Days and Rest

  Well as you guessed it the Carolinas got a little bit of snow. However, those bastard meteorologists made good ole Southern folks panic for no reason at all. We only got an inch or two or snow. 

  The main issue is black ice from freezing rain and melted snow. However, thankfully it happened when I didn’t have anything planned. I was able to rest and relax, naked of course. It was much needed. I also created music and did a few instrumentals.

All this on a snow weekend.

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Naked and Freeüt-with-beard-brut-with-beardtumblrcom

Naked and Free, that’s me. As a preop, Transwoman, I’m a nudist and fucking proud. It is something about when I’m free to bare it all, I love how I am made and how I will be after the whole transition. I’m naked free, Black, Gay, and Transgender. Have something to say? Well Kiss my ass!!! Naked people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and orientations!!! God made us naked, why not enjoy being naked!!!

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A Fucked Up Tuesday





  Today has started out to be a crazy day!!! Although I am a nudist and I work from home, I have a high reliance on technology. As I type this post, I am on the phone with tech support concerning the software that my job uses in order to log in and to begin work.

I absolutely hate when I’m using technology and it begins to malfunction. I understand and realize that it is man made and that it is subject to failure but does it really have to cause a snafu (situation all fucked up) with my money!!!! I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all!!! Hopefully tech support can resolve the issues without a whole lot of bullshit.  I’m so ready to start a new job!!! One that doesn’t require a whole lot of damn technology. Maybe I’ll start driving for uber or lyft. Hell I may even start doing webcam shows.  Somethings go to give!!!

Signed an irritated nudist!!

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The Day Before 30


  Today is the day before I turn 30. My Birthday is on the ides of March aka March 15th. I’m excited, yet curious as too what 30 will bring.
  I’m unmarried, no kids, a growing entrepreneur, and getting over bullshit that has happened in life.  This is just one of many thoughts on the day before 30.

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Sinus Infection and Nudity


Am I the only person who does not feel like being nude when they are sick? It’s like I just want to me under the warmth of cloth only at this time.
This past week I’ve suffered from sinus infection trouble and I really didn’t have any energy, but I still pushed myself to work, church, and handling business as usual. However, I just never made any nude time for myself. I just focused on working and getting myself better.

However this week I am determined to have some naked time for myself and work on music again!!!


That’s all folks

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