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NO Justice for Philandro Castile

Many of you all are familiar with the horrific shooting concerning Jeronimo Yanez MURDERING Philandro Castile in front of his girlfriend and child.

Well This week , we the Black Community have been slapped in the face yet and again!!! Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of all charges in the fatal shooting of Philandro Castile. Am I pissed? You bet your sweet as I am pissed.

I am pissed because we have LIVE VIDEO EVIDENCE that this “scared” bitch shot Castile in front of his Girlfriend and 4 year old child.   Not to mention it was known that he had a LICENSED Weapon and was not brandishing his weapon, nor was he a threat to anyone sitting in a damn car!!!! Not to mention I am still seething with anger that Betty Shelby Got off for Terence Crutcher’s death.  Is there no justice for Black People in America?

What will it take to fucking get justice around here? Black Lives are in danger from an institutionalized racist system that seeks to commit a genocide on Black’s in America .

I don’t see how the judge could NOT see that this man obviously murdered Philandro Castile and that the overly trite excuse “I Feared for my life” is not even valid.  WATCH THE GODDAMN VIDEO!!!! My head hurts from thinking of the past few years that Black unarmed men, women, children, and others have been callously murdered and nothing being done about it but a slap on the wrist.

What if it was the other way around? What will be the Black persons excuse?



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Join True Nudists


Now that National Masturbation Month is Over, I will resume my posting concerning Naturism. Come on  now. You can be a naturist and be sex positive. Just know when to seperate the two.

Many of us nudists are wondering what to do when it comes to networking as naturists. Well I have a remedy for you. I advise you to join True Nudists.

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Ken Ott: Here to Tease







check out the video belowKen Ott is here to tease and jerk off on My thoughts are of you; do you want to fuck me or can I have you? My body is filled with fantasies as I sense you next to me. Feeling my cock in my silk bottoms, I close my eyes and strip to my strap. My meat bulges as I take everything off; I want your lips wrapped around my shaft. Using a toy, I slide in, just like I do to you. The tight sensation has me moan and I remember just how good you feel when I am on top. In control, my girth spreads you further; I can smell your scent in the air while I edge. My sack undulates and I am close. Tugging faster, I see you in my mind; my body stiffens and I ejaculate onto my stomach. You are always in my thoughts.

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Black Men are Gods

Black men are Gods.

Despite how society tears them down

and attempt to dethrone them,

Black Men Are Gods.

If they weren’t

Then why is the world hell bent

on their destruction?

Black Men are Gods.

From the Dawn of Civilization

to Present Times,

Black Men Have Fought

and Conquered.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Barak Obama,

Malcolm X,

George Washington Carver,

The local barber,

The Black Queer Across the Street,

They are Gods too.

Bow Down Bitches,

Black Men Are Gods.

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