The Reunion Orgy



When ten men who grew up together return years later to visit the home where they were raised, they learn that past sins always find a way of cumming back. The secrets and desires, lies and misdeeds they’d buried long ago begin to come to light, and the fine line between hatred and passion blur as the crushes and grudges of past and present collide. No one is innocent… and no one is absolved.

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#NextDoorWorld Worship of a God Starring @MarkieMore and @AradWinwinXXX





As the afternoon sun begins to set, King Arad retires to his quarters to take relief from the heat and re-charge for the night’s events. He calls his servant in, and the young blonde attendant, dutiful and prompt, proceeds to rub his master down with fine smelling oils and perfumes, washing his feet and massaging his royal back, then working under Arad’s sash, he feels the royal member swell and grow in his hand. Arad looks down at his servant, who looks up at him with imploring blue eyes, and begins to disrobe, dropping his robe to the ground as he stands glistening and naked before the young slave.   Markie, the young slave shows that he knows how to truly display the Worship of a God!!!

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