The Reunion Orgy



When ten men who grew up together return years later to visit the home where they were raised, they learn that past sins always find a way of cumming back. The secrets and desires, lies and misdeeds they’d buried long ago begin to come to light, and the fine line between hatred and passion blur as the crushes and grudges of past and present collide. No one is innocent… and no one is absolved.

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Next Door Ebony: Trying Guys Featuring @RubThe_Jin and Rex Cobra




Imagine it: you’re Jin Powers and you’ve had your eye on your close friend, Rex Cobra. Although you lust after Rex on a regular basis, you know Rex isn’t sexually attracted to guys. Well what would you do if Rex one day, while chilling together on your couches at home, told you that he wants to see what it’s like to fuck a guy in the ass?!  Find out what Rex and Jin Do in “Trying Guys

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