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Shut Up and Listen

Listening Is very important to one’s existence. It is a simple part of communication. Instead of ranting and over talking someone, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!!!!
It may save your life and the person who is talking will have their sanity.

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The Strike On Syria

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the breaking news, Donald Trump has order a strike against Syria, with 50 damn Tomahawk Missiles. The media and most people are thinking it has to do with the sarin nerve gas attack allegedly carried out there, by Bashar al-Assad.  No one really knows what has happened.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I honestly think we are being duped by Russia into World War III.  I honestly think #45 has not properly thought this situation through all the way. Yes, the party or parties responsible for this chemical attack should be punished, but I feel that a little bit more investigation should have been done before a big ass decision such as this.

I’m hearing so many conservatives on social media saying “yeah, bomb Syria,” but these are the main people who refused to let Syrian refugees into this country. I honestly see an ass load of hypocrisy. You attempt to “ban” Muslims from certain countries that you DO NOT do business with, but then you bomb one of our allies?  Something in the Milk ain’t white.

I’m going to continue to watch the news and pray for peace. This may be the final frontier for peace in the middle East.

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Hump Day from Me

Hi all,

Here are some shots of me, the author of this blog that I took for my birthday a couple weeks ago.

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Vincent has finally come in to shoot his load. Here for, I reach in for a bit of in-spiration. Liking big guys, he reaches over to check me out. Pulling my cock out and into his mouth, Vincent does indeed throat me whole; he is ready to fuck as well. Thrusting from below, Vincent pushes back and bounces. Flipped over, he grabs his cock and jerks; I blow inside and out while he shoots, simultaneously.






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I Did NOT Want to Get Dressed

You may be a true nudist if you hate putting on clothes!!!  Well This past Saturday, I did not feel like putting on clothes.  I had a rehearsal to attend and I really felt like staying at home and basking in my glory. I wanted to just clean and sing and let my skin breathe.

It is something very relaxing and liberating about being naked and free. It is something when you’re able to just be carefree and clothesfree without having to worry about what other people have to say or worry about answering your phone!!!

However, I did get dressed and I did end up going to the rehearsal, however me being me, I didn’t even wear any underwear.  That’s right, This Trans Lady did not wear any undies. Not that it really mattered I had some baggy ass work out gear that made me look like damn MC Hammer from the 90s.  A BIG Fashion Faux Pas.

Upon coming back home, I stripped back down and began listening to music and I ended up falling asleep naked and free!!!  Too bad I couldn’t go outside nude due to where I live as well as the fact that the weather was very windy.

I need to have more nude time to myself and that is something that will be in the works from now on.


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