Do It Naked: Exercise


Exercise is very important.  No matter if you’re in the gym or working out at home, exercise can help stabilize your mood, keep your joints, muscles and bones healthy.  Here lately, I’ve decided to start back exercising. What better way to do it, than to be naked?

Although the weather is kind of cold, I do plan on walking some trails naked during the noon days in which I’m able to as well as do some naked yoga at home and some naked dancing which is one of my favorite means of exercise as well.

There’s nothing like being naked and exercising. Check out this videos of naked exercise below


Naked workout at the gym powered by XTube 

naked yoga and cycling powered by XTube

Ripped Naked Black Athlete Exercising at Pool – Techboy Prt1 powered by XTube

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This Nudist is Back in the Gym

unnamed (49)

Well The Black Male Nudist is Back at it Again.  I’ve started back working out.  I know. I know, I’m often times not consistent in this feat, however, I’ve been working on my health by eating healthier, eliminating stress factors, and making sure that I take some me time.

I must say that my first day back at the gym gave me a burst of energy that I forgot about.  My goal is to start working out in the mornings during the week and on the weekends to do yoga. I think that this is a reasonable goal.  Thankfully my schedule has freed up some and that allows me to work out more.

I will still be posting on the regular and making sure that I’m providing you all with great content.

What are your health goals for 2016?

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Time to Make A Change


Change is good. Change is necessary. Change is constant.
Finally in South Carolina, the weather has changed and now it is time for light jackets and closed toe shoes (bleh).
Summer is gone and the temperature is changing. It is time to make a change.
However I’m still able to enjoy a healthy nudist lifestyle indoors and in my travels.
  Although my outdoor activities are limited I’m happy to be team naturism.
Love ya

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