Prayers For Orlando


Many of you are aware of the tragic shooting out of hate in Orlando Florida at Club Pulse. 50 lives snatched from us just for being who they are. Let’s keep the families of the victim and those affected by this tragedy in your prayers. Keep the gunman’s family in your prayers as well. Not only did The families of the victims lose someone, but so did the culprit of this crime. What he did was wrong, yes, but let’s not attack his family and let’s not blame ISIS and let’s not blame those that are Muslim.
Let’s show love not hate.


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Baltimore, Riots, and Racism #FreddieGray #RestinPower

As Freddie Gray, a victim of police brutality that lead to his death in Baltimore, Maryland,  violent protests have erupted.  Autopsy reports show that the cause of death was a fatal injury to his spinal cord.

I’m saddened at the death of yet another Black Man at the hands of police, the very people who are sworn to protect and not to kill us because of our color.

With the violence that has erupted, I am also disappointed.  Violence to combat violence solves nothing. Looting your own community does nothing.  This is what the oppressor wants us to do. To kill our ownselves with our anger!!!!

We must show them that we will have justice and be treated like humans by acting civil and not tearing up our own cities. We must BUILD our own cities and our own police departments.

Not all cops are bad, but we must deal tactfully with those that are bad and have no business on the police force.

That is all I have to say for right now.

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