The Manwhore Podcast: Ep. 69 – Growing Up Naked: Naturism, Boners and Body Image

The Manwhore Podcast is one hell of a podcast. Recently they deal with naturism, growing up nudist, sex positivity, boners, and body image. With this interview with Felicity Jones from Young Naturists of America. Get into this episode. It will explain a lot of how nudism is helpful with body image and more.

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@CazwellNYC & @peacebisquit The Biscuit


Cazwell is back again!!!! Now he wants some butter on the biscuit!!! With the Production talents of Naaldekoker and the Writing Talents of Justin de Nobrega, Cazwell and his team including choreographer, Julius Rubio, director, Athena Maroulis and costume designer, Matthew Hemesath “The Biscuit” from the “Hard 2 B Fresh” album will bring a booty shaking, sweaty, and raining men good time.

Check Out “The Biscuit” Below!!!!


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@KingofGayMusic “Gone” Scandocious J.R. feat-Ju’D

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The King of Gay Music, Scandocious J.R. is a force to be reckoned with.  His new track “Gone” featuring Ju’d, shows this rappers prowess, skills, and ability to tell the story of love, a broken heart, and chucking up the deuces.

The smooth, mellow, groove puts you into  mood of nostalgia that will cause you to dream of the love that’s “Gone.” 

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@KingofGayMusic Be Apart of His Music Video

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Meet the King of Gay Music, Scandocious JR. This Music Icon is a trailblazer for Black Gay Artists. With his upcoming project “Master of the Universe,” his 17th album will take you by storm. Scandocious JR

Come be apart of his music video “What Could U Say.” 

Click the Picture Above for more info and Check out His Music Below

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