Terry Crews Sues Adam Venit for Sexual Misconduct

Actor, Former NFLer, and Old Spice Model, Terry Crews has placed Adam Venit under lawsuit after allegations of Sexual Assault during a Hollywood event in 2016.

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I’m an outlaw. I haven’t committed a crime. I’m not even a thug. The color of my skin, my dark hue, sends fear to people of lighter hues that I will rape them, steal from them, and take their land.
The true outlaws are those enslaved my ancestors and kill us in present day society without cause. They raped our women, emasculated us, cursed us, stigmatized us.
I am a Black man seen as an outlaw. I’m an Ivy League graduate, but my race denotes me as a threat, but I have a kind heart.
I’m an outlaw.

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Just Walk Away

Sometimes we have people that we just want to beat with a metal pipe and leave them for dead, but we can’t do that.  That’s jail time that we won’t be able to avoid.
  Sometimes you have to just walk away from people.  Walking away from drama, bullshit, and other unneeded things will help you live a better life.
  Don’t feed into the queens. Just walk away and beam with pride.

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