Take Care of Your Mental Health


As a Nudist, I believe in living life free and bare. As I result of  bareness in the physical, I’m going to be bare with you for a minute. I am in the process of seeking out a mental health counselor aka a therapist for my own mental and emotional well being. As a Black Person, I am not ashamed of this!!!

For so long the Black Community has been taught that all we need is religion and that mental illness should be swept under the rug.  Well I’ve come to find out that is not so. There is nothing wrong with being in a religious foundation and meditating or praying but sometimes you have to use an outside vessel to help without all of the religious undertones and religious bashing that often comes from Religious Therapists or Counselors.

I advise you that even though you may have a religious belief, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or Whatever your belief, I advise you to not over look your mental health due to societal stigmas and religious stigmas and get the help you need.

Not knocking religion, but in my honest opinion religion can’t do everything. Yes I said. Some things fasting and praying cannot do.  God created counselors for a reason. They are a help meet to those that are suffering from anger issues, stress, depression, and anything else that would warrant a therapist or counselor.

Don’t be ashamed if you need therapy.  Society has taught us to be ashamed of needing any type of counseling. Shame is not an option in this season.

Get to Happy and Get healed!!!

The Black Male Nudist


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