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The Benefits of Masturbation

In Honor of National Masturbation Month, I wanted to talk about the benefits of Masturbation. For Males and Females, Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and helps prevent or reduce the risk of certain types of cancers.

  1. Helps You Sleep: Masturbation helps relieve stress and lowers your blood pressure. This also creates endorphins to ease stress and increases relaxation
  2. Masturbation Relieves Cramps: For Women, During that time of the month, masturbation can increase blood flow in the pelvic area, easing pain.  The intensity of the orgasm can also help.
  3. Masturbation Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer For Men, when they masturbate it flushes out toxins in the urogenital track. The build up of these toxins can cause disease. Men who ejaculate more than five times a week a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.
  4. It’s Safer Than Raw Sex: Masturbation is safer than having sex unprotected which reduces and prevents the contraction of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STD’s). Hell It also helps keeps us from fucking the wrong person.
  5. Masturbation Spices Up Your Sex Life: Masturbation helps spice up your sex life. Sex therapists recommend men and women alike to masturbate. It puts one in touch with the genital pleasure that they would like.


Feel free to comment with many other benefits of masturbation. Masturbation is fun, safe, NATURAL, and Healthy!!!

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The Edging Challenge Day 6 HandsFree

Well Day 6 of the Edging Challenge went buy in a breeze. The day started off with me cleaning and practicing kegel exercises.  I would take a break from my cleaning and start a rep of kegel exercises and it was quite pleasurable.

I had also forgotten that I had schedule a handsfree cumming lesson/session with a sex therapist that I follow on xtube.  I was preparing myself for an encounter with a guy from Grindr however things fell through. Since my plans fell through I decided to go ahead and follow through with the handsfree session.

During the lesson myself and another attendee edged ourselves into multiple orgasms. The first one was phenomenal. Cum Shot everywhere!!! It made me feel so happy and relaxed.  I ended up ejaculating about 5 or 6 times.  With the exercises done in the session, it made me want to practice achieving a handsfree ejaculation on my own.

There you have it folks. I’ll be back with more posts.

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The Edging Challenge Day 3

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Well So far Day 3 of the Edging Challenge went well.  I didn’t get to do a prostate massage as planned due to all of the prepping for Thanksgiving. That was an all day affair.  However, I plan on after writing this post massaging my prostate.

It is something about massaging the prostate that makes an orgasm more intense and really allows the cum to flow. I typically like to massage my prostate before bed or once I’m relaxed. Sometimes I use my aneros prostate massager. It is the perfect tool to reach my prostate or male G. Spot.  I look forward to a powerful orgasm cum I mean come this Saturday.


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The Edging Challenge Day 2

Well Day two of my Edging Challenge went very well. It’s had some leakage. I did end up having a moment where I leaked a little bit of come but I ended up stopping the ejaculation.  It was good , but I did feel defeated.

As I write this post my dick is rock hard and I am trying my hardest not to jack off until a full orgasm.  I’m hoping that by saturday I will be able to have a very intense orgasm. I am drinking only water and I am eating healthy. My sleeping habits have been well.  I may not achieve several ropes of cum, but I look forward to one hell of an orgasm come this saturday. I may even record it or use my aneros anal prostate massager.black-cock-cumming-gif


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