Isaac’s Hump Day

It’s Hump Day Again!!! Isaac Yale doesn’t mind enjoying a clothes free Hump Day. Wednesday is his day to get clothesfree and just relax. We understand that it’s the middle of the week, but did you know that getting naked helps release tension and releases stress a great deal? Take a note from Sir Isaac and Get Butt Naked.

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Xander Ridge on the Beach

Xander Ridge Loves the beach. He has the right idea of relaxing. There’s nothing like a nice, peaceful day on the beach and enjoying it clothesfree! Xander teaches us in this photo shoot that living clothes free is what life is all about.
When was the last time that you’ve been to a clothesfree or nude beach?  For me it’s been a couple years, but I’m not complaining. When I’m unable to travel, I can easily spend some clothesfree time when I’m home alone, but there’s nothing like the serene peace of nature when you are clothes free.

Check out more of Xander’s Beach Experience Here!


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Black Boys Are Magic

Black Boys Are Magic

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FeetSupreme of Tumblr and IG

Today’s Featured Model is one of my favorite Instagram and Tumblr Personalities, Feet Supreme.

This Gorgeous Black Adonis, knows how to show off and encourages us to life free and love life. Check him out and go follow him.

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Chase Carter and Light Bright Luis Steam It Up

Chase Carter and Light Bright Luis, team up in a hot steamy new Cocodorm Production. Chase Carter lays the pipe and eats the booty like groceries as Light Bright indulges in some nice chocolate.

Get into the preview below. Go to Cocodorm for the Full Video

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Terry Crews Sues Adam Venit for Sexual Misconduct

Actor, Former NFLer, and Old Spice Model, Terry Crews has placed Adam Venit under lawsuit after allegations of Sexual Assault during a Hollywood event in 2016.

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