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Meet Piloto, a Bi Latin Man. He doesn’t mind getting naked in front of the camera. His naked body has a few tattoos and Piloto enjoys the air on his skin. Be Like Piloto and get naked.

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Cum Stained Diaries: My Thing For Feet #malefeet #ebonyfeet

We all have that one fetish that creeps others out. Well, I have a foot fetish!!!!  I discovered it when I was about 16.  Its something about a guy with sexy, well kept feet. I was initially ashamed of my fetish, but as I matured I saw porn on Xtube, Male Foot Flava, and other porn sites that catered to my specific fetish.
  I love sucking toes, getting foot jobs, receiving foot jobs, and I’m obsessed with nice, smooth soles.  I adore a man than keeps his toes and feet looking perfect. Clear coat will send me over the edge. Where are my fellow foot fans?

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