I’ve Joined the Bitcoin Craze

Litecoin Miner - Mine and Earn free Litecoin

Many of you have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum,  and Litecoin These are what we call Cryptocurrency or Cryptocurrencies. This meaning that these are currencies used on the internet to buy products as well as valuable for trading and selling. I recently joined the bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin crazy and have started the mining process with various mining apps from my tablet and computer. One of the ways I mine is through GIU miner or my favorite online litecoin miner LTCMiner.IO. 

I urge you to try it out. You can start off by investing a small amount and mining it with trustworthy and legitimate cryptocurrency miners. Check out the banner above. This is one way to make extra money going into 2018.

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Self Host Your Adult Blog!!!

Many of us remember a few weeks ago when blogger did the dreaded crackdown and threatened to shut down all the adult blogs that were up and running or make them private. Many of these blogs were running ads to generate revenue and some of these blogs were people’s livelihoods.

Thankfully the cursed, March 23rd crackdown was repealed and the bigwigs at Blogger decided to keep enforcing the “no commercial” porn rule. I’m still trying to figure out how that will go.

Well However, I advise you that if you want to run your own adult blog or website, SELFHOST!!! There are many outlets out there such as Hostgator.com, BlueHost, and many more.

Why am I advising you to self host? Well, Self Hosting allows you to place whatever the fuck you want on your blog. It allows you to post as many ads and how many ever ads that you like on your blog without fear of being shut down.

Using free platforms such as Blogger and the Free WordPress Platform are dangerous and shaky ground for adult bloggers. I know. I’ve had several blogs shut down on Blogger and WordPress for adult content.   Recently, I was using the blogger platform for this blog, but thankfully provision was made for me to begin self hosting as of February 27, 2015.

Self hosting will allow you many other opportunities and allow you to run your own business seing as free platforms limit your ability to do such.

Try it out today. Go to Blue Host.  You can get services for $3.95 per month with great perks such as spam detectors, great templates, and data backup!!!  Give it a try. If you are an adult blogger or any type of blogger seeking to take the world by storm, then you need to self host!!!

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Get More Traffic and Make Money With the Black Male Nudist @JuicyAds

Many people ask me, “Khalil, how do you make money from blogging?” I’m glad that you asked.  The first answer would be hard work, dedication, and consistency. Those are self explanatory in themselves.  It also takes knowing who and who NOT to advertise with.

One of the many tools that you use along with Adult Affiliate Programs, would be advertising networks. One of my favorite and prominent advertising networks to use would be Juicy Ads  They have been ranked best by Google, Offer the Biggest Websites, and Very Reasonable Prices. Juicy Ads is not a get rich over night operation, but it does take work and dedication to make these ads work for you and make money for you.  You are able to directly buy ads as well as sell ads,  It’s easy and affordable. Go to Juicy Ads Today and Start your Journey

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Get Ad Space With Khalil D. (Cum Stained Dreams)

  Many people have wondered how to make your blog work for you.  First things first, it takes consistency and hard work. It also takes dedication.  Without these things your blog will not function properly. 
   Many people have wondered how to make money by blogging. It’s all about advertising. If you’re an adult blogger, then you should’ve heard about Juicy Ads.  It is one of the best Advertising and Affiliate networks that you will ever sign up for.  It is not a get rich quick. It takes time and dedication.
  Are you willing to work for your keep?  I’ve been selling Ad Space for the past 8 Months and So far my sales have been great.  You can also Buy Ad Space and Create Campaigns.  You can use their banners and traffic tracking methods to help you make money for every visit that you have to your site or blog.  If you are interested in buying or selling ad space click on the above picture or click this link http://www.juicyads.com/ref2.php?ref=53806 to get started.
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