Knowing When To Leave

  Gay relationships can be trying. VERY trying.  No matter if you are Black or White, Feminine or masculine, relationships can be tryhing. While not every relationship is forever not every relationship is good. However, there is a time where you need to leave.
  Some may be asking “When do I leave,” you leave when you feel that you have been placed on the back burner. If your boo places their job and money over you then it means that you have become a second priority.
  This often time accompanies a lack in communication. When he stops answering texts or calls simply bidding “good morning” or just checking on them, then it is time to leave.
  However, If they are will to change and willing to at least try then I would say give it another chance. But if you see no improvement, run like hell and get your knight in shining armor.

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Triangle “Greed”- A New Gay Web Series

Check out the New Gay Webseries “Triangle,” starring Kenyon L. O’Brien, Domonique Smith, and Emery Johnson. Written by Carlos J. Harris
This series chronicles what happens when there is a love triangle in a Gay relationship.
It gives you the drama, suspense, and a phenomenal storyline.
Check out the latest episode “Greed,” below.
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  I am utterly disgusted right now with the decision concerning Darren Wilson’s blatant murder of Michael Brown.  As a Black, Gay, Man in the United States, I feel that it is open season  on my species.  Yes I said it. Let’s take a look at somethings.
  The guy that killed those people in Aurora was taken alive and not killed, James Holmes and he was armed, but Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were unarmed and murdered but justice was not served. Am I pissed, yes I am pissed. Let’s not forget about the other Black lives that were taken due to a perceived threat that was not yet proven but somehow their killers got off for the murder.
  Now if you want to come at me with “This entry isn’t well written,” then you can kiss my ass. I shouldn’t have to write about well known facts that are constantly bombarding us in the media.
 The truth is I am currently pissed about the fact that a grand jury did not indict or bring charges against Darren Wilson. It is too obvious that there is too much evidence against him, but the good ole boys covered up for him.
 We as a Black race will not and should not take this lying down. Granted I don’t agree with the rioting and violence, but you do not know what it is like living in the Black world if you are non Black or a non person of color. Everyday I live with the fear of being killed because I’m Black and Gay, not to mention Transgender, that I may be killed for being who God created me to be.
  Not to mention that Don Lemon added insult to injury with his “marijuana in the air” comment. Was that shit really necessary? When I tell you I’m officially done with Don Lemon, I am Don. He is an ass kisser and no good Uncle Tom to me.  He’s just brown nosing for his stupid ass career. Am I angry? Yes!!! I have a right to be.
 No more injustice. We must stand together and stop injustice for all people.

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