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I was really trying to avoid writing this post but with the so called “Eye of the Tiger” celebrating bigot, Kim Davis celebrating her release from prison I felt the need to clarify some things.  While many Fundamentalist Asshats Christians have been hailing this woman as some kind of hero, I’ve really been looking at her denial of the Civil Right to Marriage to Same-Sex Couples in a certain light.

Now she’s been no doubt been using Leviticus 18:22 to justify her reasoning for not issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples because it is not lawful “for a man to lie with man as he would with woman,” and vice versa. But Her being a Bible thumper she failed to read or remember, yet alone practice Romans 13:1-7 which admonishes us to follow the laws of the land. If a person does not follow the laws of the land, ” whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves,” (Romans 13: 2).

Now let’s get one thing straight, Same-Sex Marriage is not an assault on Christianity or other religions. It is an assault on discrimination based on Sexual Orientation!!!  No one is forcing people to accept the Gays, but the law, the FEDERAL LAW at that states that it is now legal for Same-Sex Couples to get married. With this comes a “Biblical” definition of marriage as between man and woman.

Let’s look at it clearly.  Now when God created Adam and Eve, he created Eve so that her and Adam could be fruitful and multiply. Not only that Eve was created so that Adam would not be lone.  There is NO mention of the word marriage. They were joined!!! Now apparently the only ones really making a stinky sound of marriage equality in the US is the Right Winged, Close Minded Christians. Mind you they use the same Bible to justify slavery, racism, and discrimination.  The last time I checked God was a God of Love and not of hatred.

Now, Kim, was resilient in her faith against Gay marriage, but failed to follow the laws of the land, so there she was in direct rebellion to God.  Now before you Christians begin to attack me and crucify me, Marriage is not a CHURCH issue but a CIVIL issue!!! Why do you think we have marriage licenses? DUH!!!! It’s a legal issue at that. Many people are preaching that Marriage Equality will force churches that don’t believe in homosexuality, but that is a damn lie!!!!

The Law that was created for Same-Sex Couples on June 26th, 2015 by the Supreme Court is not an enforcement on religion. It is enforcing that public officials, Clerks, Judges, and those that are elected officials and authorized to issue marriage licenses, must not discriminate against same-sex couples.  It did not tell you all how to run the church, nor did it tell you to accept anything that you are against.

  Now Kim has been released and is stating that her release was a victory for Christianity. GIRL SIT DOWN!!!! Your whole prison sentencing and release happened for the following reasons; You Failed to do the job that you were elected to do, You were held in contempt of court, and you were not upholding the law, better yet, you broke it!!! Please stop using God as an excuse for your bad behavior.

It is funny that Kim Davis is against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, but fails to mention her adulterous relationships inbetween husbands, having children out of wedlock, and her 4 marriages, yet she believes the LGBTQ Community is ruining the Sanctity or Sacredness of Marriage. Child PUHLEASE!!!!! Kim Davis IS NOT being persecuted for her religious beliefs.

If a person is elected to do a job, they are not to be biased and if they cannot do their job effectively they should be fired or impeached.  I say that we impeach Kim Davis. She is unfit to be a public servant!!!

Especially using the guise of religious freedoms. People have that religious freedoms thing fucked up. It is not to be used as a tool to discriminate against others. I do believe that the Bible says judge not lest ye be judge in the same manner. Hey, I didn’t write it. Religious freedoms are to ensure that you would not be jailed or murdered because of your religious beliefs.  These religious wingnuts have gone ENTIRELY Overboard.

What say ye to this?  Kim Davis, sit your ASS DOWN, and let someone else less bigoted and biased do the job,

The Black Male Nudist

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