Head By The Pool

  This story takes place during this past Memorial Day.  I had took a trip by myself to a Gay Resort in the South.  I needed this get away for a few days due to the stress from work and life itself. 
  I arrived and as I entered into the lockerroom area, I quickly undressed and headed towards the pool.  I happened to commandeer a beach chair and got my proper dose of Sun and Warmth.  As I laid there in the warmth of the Sun, I began to drift off in my own little world.  I began getting ideas for poetry and ideas for new business ventures.
  I noticed that there was this fine, muscular, medium height Ebony adonis watching my every move.  We both nodded acknowledging each other. However, my dick began to swell and he began to stand up.  I didn’t bother to hide it. Hell we’re all adult men here.
  As I laid on the beach chair I began to doze off.  Shortly after I dozed off, I felt someone playing with my manhood.  It was the Ebony Adonis.  Before I could say anything…Gulp he had swallowed my dick in his mouth.
“OOooo Shitttt,” I moaned breathlessly.
He deep throated it so quickly and I just relaxed every muscle in my body as he slurped on my dick.  As I looked up from this pleasurable moment, I could see that some guys were watching and others were choosing to ignore, before long, We had a small crowd of Black, White, and Latino men that came over to watch this oral transaction.
  Many of them began to jack off and fondle Ebony Adonis’s ass as he continued to suck my dick.  Ebony Adonis kept sucking and before long I could feel my baby juice spurting into his throat. I faught moans of pleasure, but they escaped.
  “Shit, I’m cumming,” I said as some of the men jacking began to bust nuts and began sucking other mens dicks in the circle.
  Ebony Adonis never said a word but continued to suck me dry as I basked in the glory of his lips.

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