Black HIV Awareness Day

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Today is February 7th, 2017. Today is also Black HIV Awareness Day. I say this in Honor of Black History Month and In Honor of those who live or have lived with HIV/AIDS.  I myself am HIV positive and undetectable for 4 years and counting.

HIV is no longer the death sentence that it once was.  It takes you regularly getting tested to know your status, educating yourself and others. Disclose your status to your sexual partners.  If you find out that you are positive, please stay and stick with your treatment.

Love you  and one voice can make a difference, but many can change the world,

The Black Trans Nudist

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Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is February 7th!!!!

Status is Everything!!!
It is Everything Especially When You
Know Your HIV Status.
HIV can be prevented by education, using condoms, knowing your status by
regularly getting tested, and knowing your partners status.
The best way is abstinence.
If you need more info on testing and HIV/AIDS the Black AIDS Institute can help.
Knowing is everything!!!!

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It Is World AIDS Day
See the picture above?
Use these objects.
What are they?
They are condoms.
Protect yourself
and others.
Know Your Status, Get tested, Get educated
and If You are Positive, Seek Treatment and STAY WITH YOUR REGIMEN!!!
HIV/AIDS is real.
I Will be posting more on this subject

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