Sleep is a very important part of the day and a very imporrtan part of our lives.  Without sleep we’d all be grumpy, evil, and right out Donald Trumpish.  Sleep and getting the proper amount of sleep will help your immune system, your sex life, and your overall health.  Did you know that sleep also benefits your mental health as well.

 The reason for this blog posts is that personally, I’ve not been getting the proper rest and it has been noticeable in how I handle stress, yes my sex life, as well as even my ability to focus as I should.  Believe it or not getting your proper rest does a lot for the body and soul.

More about Sleep and Tools to Help you Relax and Relase CLICK THE PICTURE

More about Sleep and Tools to Help you Relax and Release CLICK THE PICTURE

One thing that helps me to rest easy is to turn off all cell phones, laptops, and lights.  This can be a major distraction when you are attempting to sleep.  The bright lights can decrease your quality of sleep.

Another way to really rest, and this is for those who don’t mind it, but I would advise sleeping naked.  You do not have to worry about the pulling and the annoyance of clothes. Since I’ve ventured into nudism, I’ve come to rather enjoy sleeping naked. It does so much for me and it helps my skin breathe and it allows me to completely relax. Sleeping naked is by far the best way to sleep.


The next way that I really fall asleep easily is to listen to some smooth jazz that will make my mind wander and cause me to relax. I’ve done this since I was a teenager. Smooth jazz always puts me into the right frame of mind. It’s as if am I am transcending time.

  Now here is the part where you all can interact with me. When it is Time to Say Goodnight: Sleeping Naked, what are some of the ways that you all have a great and proper quality of sleep?

 Love ya,

The Black Male Nudist

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The Black Male Nudist VERSUS Working Out



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So I finally did it y’all. I finally took my happy ass back to the gym for the first time in months. ¬†Tonight was an upper body night. I worked out my chest, abs, arms, and back!!!

The only thing that was missing was the joy of being able to be naked while I exercised. As a truenudist, I absolutely love exercising nude, however going to a public gym doesn’t afford me that opportunity.

However soon and very soon, I will be getting my own place and I will be doing some naked yoga, weight training, and naked cardio.

So let’s share. What is your exercise routine?

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New Year’s in the Gym

Who’s Hitting the Gym For New Year’s?
Lately, I’ve been trying my damnest to work out at least twice a week
Given my hellified schedule. I’m learning that working out is a 
great stress reliever.  Now Jacking off and busting a good nut is good,
but let’s face it building muscles helps keep your dick popping boners and help 
keep you from popping someone upside the head.

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