Good Night!!!!

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Good Night Everyone,

I noticed that I didn’t get to post this past Tuesday. I’ve been recuperating from the Holiday weekend. It was an awesome 3 Day weekend for Me. I pray that all is well with you all. I will be back soon with some hot topics!!! Much Love,

The Black Male Nudist

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Good Night


Good Night Everyone,

I pray that you all are preparing for bed or at least trying to get a great night’s sleep. Nothing like sleeping in the nude. It frees you and let’s the dreams flow easily.

Good Night,

The Black Male Nudist

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Good Night #BedTime I Hate Spam











Good Night, Y’all.

However, Before I go to bed, I want to say something. I HATE SPAM!!!!  In my previous good night post, I did contact form to get readers input on the blog. Now I am regretting that I did it.

The reason being is that all damn day long, I’ve been getting emails and they were all notices of spammers commenting on my blog, particularly that post.

Spam is very annoying because it is a lot of of hackers and phishers out there that try their damndest to infiltrate your blog and cause issues. Thankfull through my self-hosting, I am protected against such intruders.

Be careful of spammers…They can be real pains in the ass.

The Black Male Nudist

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