Wisdom for 2015

  As We Approach the New Year, I want to give a little bit of encouragement.
  1. Don’t take baggage from 2014 with you.  In 2015 all of the things that caused you pain, let them go. Even if you have to let go of some people do so. 2015 has so much more promise for you than 2014.
  2. Live your Damn Life.  It’s time for you to fucking live and stop living for everyone else.  Everyone can give their opinion on how you should live, but if the advice isn’t from God or whatever Relic you serve, then ignore their opinions.
  3. Get Counseling. If you are on your way to a nervous breakdown, then it’s time for you to get counseling or go into therapy. There is no shame with keeping your mental health in check!!!!
  4. Stay on top of your HIV Status. Simple words. GET TESTED!!!!
  5. Self Evaluate. If you need to evaluate what went wrong with relationships, jobs, dreams, then it’s time to see what happened or what mistakes you made so you can learn from them. Don’t live in regret. Just grow from your mistake..
These are just a few tips to help you in 2015.
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